Alexicool® Solutions. Rest Assured

When shopping for a new mattress, 60% of consumers look for a mattress that stays cool.1

Meet the latest in Alexicool® technology, providing both cooling and comfort for your bedding applications. You can rest assured, knowing you are offering innovative cooling and comfort solutions to your customers. Alexicool® technology is a proprietary finishing treatment enabling your mattress and components to deliver immediate, long-lasting cooling. When applied to a variety of bedding and mattress components, Alexicool® solutions ensure your sleep system is cool and comfortable to the touch, thanks to a soft hand.

Everything we do is designed to help you

Alexicool® PCMs are easy-to-apply, one-drum, microencapsulated solutions that promote thermal regulation in a wide variety of applications.

We work with you from the outset to engineer a cool, responsive mattress, helping to ensure your bedding components work together as a complete cooling system. The team behind Alexicool® technology assists customers in achieving OEKO-TEX® certification and product durability. Best of all, Alexicool® products are versatile and can be applied to ticking, high loft, foam and sock, pillows and other mattress components.